The camp counselor exchange visitor program is a J1 visa program in which foreign nationals may spend a summer working in the United States.

Camp counselors typically work in the outdoors, where they lead children in hikes, canoe excursions, and other outdoor activities. This J1 visa program is limited to seasonal work, but eligible participants may be able to get an extension through their sponsoring organization.

The Camp Counselor Program enables post-secondary students, youth workers, and teachers to share their culture and ideas with the people of the United States in camp settings throughout the country.

Camp Counselors must be:

  • Sufficiently proficient in the English language to supervise and interact with American youth;
  • A foreign post-secondary student, youth worker, teacher or individual with specialized skills; and
  • At least 18- 28years-old.

Camp Counselor Program Benefits

J1 visa camp counselor programs offer the following benefits to participants. 

  • Pay and benefits, as provided by program sponsor, commensurate with the pay and benefits offered to American camp counselors
  • Opportunity to both share one’s culture and to learn about U.S. culture
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